Activision Microsoft’s Purchase of Blizzard Could Be Great News for Warcraft Fans

According to developer David Fried discussed Microsoft’s acquisition of CEO Bobby Kotick’s Activision means will have the long-awaited Warcraft 4 game, during a recent livestream with gamers. So why bother listening to him? To begin with, Fried worked at Blizzard as a QA analyst for the Diablo 2 and Warcraft 2 games. After that, he worked as Warcraft 3’s primary campaign designer. He worked on World of Warcraft before he left Blizzard, so he knows a thing or two about it.

According to the game creator, Blizzard might pay greater attention to the legendary franchise after the Microsoft merger is done. Blizzard’s senior art director Samwise Didier is a major part of the foundation of Warcraft 4, and his departure from the company has left the door open for Warcraft 4 to become a reality. Fried was confident that Fried’s client “would love to do a Warcraft 4.” As a result, “they may have the opportunity to lead.”

Activision may Receive Assistance from Microsoft. Resurrection of Blizzard Entertainment

If Didier asked, Fried revealed during the Q&A that he’d be open to working on Warcraft 4 again at Blizzard and mused on how incredible it would be for Chris Metzen, another original Warcraft developer, to do the same thing. Once Activision Blizzard is acquired by Microsoft, Fried believes that iconic video game series such as StarCraft and Diablo will receive new improvements. Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard would be the greatest conceivable thing for the company. He claimed that he is optimistic that delayed and abandoned projects would be revived.

The History of World of Warcraft’s Success

It’s been 27 years since World of Warcraft from Blizzard first captured the attention of gamers everywhere. Since its inception, it has evolved and drawn millions of gamers to the massively multiplayer online world. Warcraft: Orcs & Humans which launched the series in 1994. It has a significant impact on the MMO gaming industry.

In the fictional world of Azeroth, there are demons, humanoids, orcs, elves, and giants. Raids are hugely popular with gamers because they allow them to work together as a team. Greg Street, a game designer for Blizzard Activision’s Warcraft titles, states that “early on in the creation of Warcraft III, we realized the game would be about heroes leading their forces into combat.” World of Warcraft: An Eternal Compendium, released in 2016, is a big feature film based on the video game.

The Importance of Paying Attention to Warcraft Gamers’ Opinions

Game developers at Activision Blizzard are working hard to make Warcraft and all of its titles more accessible to a wider range of users. As the director of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, Ion Hazzikostas, explains, “We basically put up a method internally for people throughout the team, as well as obtaining some feedback from the community at large, to flag portions of the game for evaluation.” It’s not a huge deal, in the broad scheme of things. For many, the spotlight on them is all they need to get their attention. In any case, many in our community have told us that these issues were significant to the team.”

‘You are not going to always have your gamers telling you what they want you to develop,’ says Activision CEO Bobby Kotick. ‘But they absolutely will tell you what they don’t want,’ he adds. And I believe that one of the finest things we’ve done is to pay attention to our guys. “And the beauty of a media such as gaming is that since people engage so much in the game, they are really eager to communicate their enthusiasm, their displeasure,” he says.

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